She can only breathe

On top of the mountain

Saves the moment in her memory

Without effort she´ll fly away

To a higher state of mind

She´s no estate,

No property of love

You can´t meet her at her home

'cause home is a random place

In space and time

Rest yourself in the shade of a tree

She´ll know

She´s only hoping for a little less

'Cause less is more if you want to be free

She´s only choking from your love

Let loose if you want her to breathe

Break the boundaries of possesion

Let freedom reign your world

Receive the gift of affinity

Deeper than you´ll ever know

Explore infinty of comprehension

Knowledge lies beyond

Seed your flowers in the spring

Wait for them to grow

Place a bench by the pond in the yard

Write your story down in the snow

lyrics by big D and P